Vero (full name Veronika Fojtova) is an artist and freelance illustrator from Czech Republic inspired by her life in Whistler, Canada. She has recently made Sydney, Australia her home and she is open to local or online collaborations.


Veronika’s interest in drawing and crafts had showcased in her younger years as she was drawing since she could hold a pencil. She attended many courses including pottery and ceramic making, smouldering and creating jewellery … So there was no surprise when she chose arts her specialization throughout primary and secondary school. She drifted away from drawing during university studies to focus on both Czech and Spanish language and literature. She completed her bachelor degree in Philosophy at Masaryk University Brno in Czech Republic in 2014 and soon after moved to Canada where she lived until 2018. During this period she devoted more time to drawing and illustrating. Inspired by the active lifestyle and expressions of her newly found home, her artistic instinct drove her towards transforming illustrations into tattoos. She travelled to Europe and trained alongside a well known tattoo artist so she could pursue yet another medium in which to showcase her designs and illustrations. On arrival back to Canada, she has carried on accepting and adding interesting projects to her portfolio.

Veronika’s creativity and skills showcased throughout her portfolio are largely based on her self-taught knowledge and competency of programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate. Knowing that graphic design career she is determined to succeed in, she has certified her focus by completing courses Introduction to Typography, Ideas from the History of Graphic Design, Introduction to Imagemaking and Fundamentals of Graphic Design by California Institute of the Arts on Coursera in July 2018.


Veronika specializes in the complexities of our natural world, with the majority of her work comprising both animal & botanic illustrations. She focuses on the use of black and white, which promotes the boldness of her designs, but also likes to illustrate with colours if a project suits or requires.

Working in digital form, designs are easily versatile, allowing her and clients the freedom sometimes needed throughout a project. Despite the digitalization, she still keeps her work hand drawn to maintain the natural imperfection and fluidity of something created by hand.

Whilst her main focus remains on illustrations and graphic design, as previously mentioned, she has also transformed her work into the art of tattooing. At present, due to the recent move to Australia, she is not tattooing. However, if you like her style, she is able to deliver your own custom tattoo design.

How to get in touch

For commissions, tattoo designs, illustrations, prints or any other creative collaboration reach her via email:

If you have any questions or you just want to say hi, feel free to connect on social media where you can also find more up to date content:

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Vero Fojt by Chantelle Pellerin
Vero Fojt by Nick Simpkin
Vero Fojt by Darby Magill
Vero Fojt for Coastal Chains