Back in Black

I have recently experienced a block in my creativity by going through some personal issues. I could not do anything creative for couple of weeks which of course wasn’t improving my overall state of mind at all.

I tried to finish few of my unfinished older projects but everything I did just didn’t feel right. All my inspiration was suddenly gone and each of my old drawings I wanted to continue with didn’t seem to be channelled through the same channel anymore. After initial thoughts of desperation I decided to change my approach.

I remembered those nights when I can’t fall asleep as my mind is so active and my usual solution to this – meditation. When I try to calm my mind by focusing on breathing and letting my thoughts go I usually get very strong visual stimulation for drawing. So I did intentional meditation for discovering what is it I should be drawing/painting in that particular moment. And it came to me.

It was very powerful and vivid vision that I’ve transferred into a drawing. All the drawing was finished in much shorter time than usually and it has left a strong sense of belonging in me. However it’s interpretation is a bit obscured even to myself.

See the high resolution pictures in Projects.





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